TFriend Interiors

It has been a singular pleasure to work with Timmie, first as her residential contractor and later as one of her design clients. Her refreshing wit belies a depth of intelligence and experience. She was able to take the disparate and confusing desires we had for our home and convert them into a cohesive and beautiful aesthetic, while preserving the vitality and soul that makes the space our home. As a residential contractor working in the Bay Area for over 30 years, I have teamed with many top designers working for clients who deeply care about quality and aesthetics. Timmie is the real deal: she is experienced, professional, talented, and always creative in finding beautiful and workable solutions. Her sophisticated aesthetic expresses an exposure to and an appreciation of worldly culture. One of the unexpected pleasures I found in working with Timmie was her efficiency. She understands plans and spatial language and is a visual thinker versed in construction jargon; thus allowing us to rapidly understand and communicate ideas, challenges and solutions. — Chas Voorhis, Principal, Abacus Group Builders

We benefitted greatly from working with Timmie. She did exactly what we asked of her - providing guidance, advice and a totality of vision that otherwise escaped us. We had strong opinions that Timmie negotiated into a holistic sense of place. We were very pleased with the process and the outcome. - J. and V. Viskanta, Burlingame, CA